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Spend Small, earn big

At Physio123, we understand what the Internet is all about. Our goal is to increase the amount of clients that come to your practice!

We judge our level of success based on the results our clients get. Because we don’t use any form of contract or long term commitment, the success of our business is directly based on the happiness of our clients. A website specially designed to achieve the goals of a Physical Therapist will far outperform any other promotional method available!

By providing websites that are proven to convert visitors into playing clients, we ensure an extremely high ROI for our clients.

What we do to achieve a high ROI

Building effective websites - web design that will convert visitors into patients.

If your website makes it to the top of the search engine rankings, but doesn’t convert the visitor into a patient, it hasn’t done it’s job, has it? The websites we design instill confidence in visitors, and persuade them to make the next step!

Physio123 has over 8 years experience designing websites for Physical Therapists. The websites we design all bring in massive amounts of new patients for our clients.

Internet Marketing- we get more visitors to your website

Through our high knowledge of all the most popular search engines, the team at Physio123 gets your website in front of your target audience as fast as possible. A beautiful website is not enough – you need a well thought our marketing plan to make sure you turn your visitors into paying clients!

At Physio123, we continue to do what works in regards to getting your website to the top of the search engine rankings. We work with you in not only SEO, but also PPC. We ensure you get the highest rankings possible for the search terms that will bring the highest results.

We know the market - You're in safe hands!

It doesn't matter how you promote your Physical Therapy website - a high ROI is important. If you can get better return on the money you invest, you can capture a larger market share than your competitors. Physio123 will continually make sure you are receiving the ROI you deserve by testing and optimizing your website. We get visitors to your website, and turn them into patients!

One thing most people forget about Internet marketing is that it is a continuous process.

This is extremely important to understand. Your web presence is not a one time deal, it is a continuing concern. Physio123 truly gets this, and that is why we include SEO and PPC in all our packages, ensuring your ROI says as high as it can be!

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