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We know that being a Physical Therapist is a demanding job – you just don’t have time to manage your website. You would much rather be treating your patients and making their lives better than sitting at a computer all day.

At Physio123, we work with you to achieve your goals. We build your website, promote it, and manage it, all with as little possible stress placed on you. We take care of everything. You can be sure your website is in good hands when you work with Physio123.

At Physio123, we:
  • Setup your website quickly - your website can be operational in less than one week!
  • Employ people who actually have experience in working with Physical Therapy websites
  • Provide ongoing marketing services, which in turn provides a steady stream of new patients for you
  • Continually maintain your website so it is always running in optimal condition
At Physio123, we research, plan, and pay attention to every detail – so you can be sure your website looks great, and does its job well! This will be evident in your finished website, along with the increased level of business you will experience!

Improved image, Increased exposure...more clients

Almost everyone has their own website nowadays. It doesn't take much to put up a basic website anymore - anyone can do it! But, if you want to stand out from the crowd and achieve the results you want, you will need something special. Not just a basic website, but something that is eye catching.

This is what Physio123 does. Our goal is to design good looking, profit pulling websites for Physical Therapy practices. We achieve this by combining two very important factors: top notch design and effective search engine marketing!

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