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One of the main features of our PhysioThree package is the online booking and payment facility.

A great way to cut down on your workload and increase your patients ease of use is by allowing them to set up their own appointments, directly from your website, and allowing them to pay in advance. Visitors usually love making their own reservations for the following reasons:
  • They don’t want to waste time making a phone call.
  • They need to make an appointment, but your office is not currently open.
  • They want to make an appointment for one of their spouses or extended family members.
And that’s not all! The online booking application is directly linked to an online payment processor, so your patients can pay online before coming in for their appointment.

By using this system, your clinic will receive the following benefits:
  • Prepayment means that you collect more of your revenue before any work is done, thus minimizing uncollectable accounts
  • It’s easy to use – your customer support staff will not be weighed down making appointments for customers all day
  • Availability – your clients can make an appointment whenever they feel like, 24/7/365
  • Impulses – by having a way for clients to make an appointment right on your site, you can benefit from the impulsive nature of humans.
Every time someone makes an appointment or payment using your website, the booking tool will send you an email to confirm the information. Along with that email, you will receive all the patients’ information, so you will be able to keep it in your records.

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