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Thinking of private practice?

Are you considering setting up your own private practice? We take a look at some of the common pitfalls...

Benefits of private practice?

There is nothing more exciting and rewarding than starting your own business.

Setting up a practice

Are you ready to take the lead and setup your own private Physical Therapy practice? What should you consider...

Realise the power of private practice

Physio123 create effective websites that rank highly in seach engines. This means you will generate continued referrals.

Three steps to building a successful practice

There are three basic principles to succeeding in private practice. Find out more...

Employee to practitioner

Leaving your job and starting out on your own can be a daunting task. As long as your are prepared, motivated and passionate, you should succeed.

Your own website

We believe that every single Physical Therapist should have a website. Without it, you will be losing out on new referrals.

Why do I need a website?

A clean, modern, effective website, that is properly marketing in search engines will bring the maximum return on investment.

Want a physiotherapy website?

Ready for a website? Let Physio123 take care of everything. Why not take advantage of our 6 month free trial?

Want your physiotherapy website redesigned?

Do you have an old, ugly website that is nowhere to be found in the search engines? Sounds like you need a redesign!

Business premises

Should you work from home? Should you make house calls? Should you open your own Physical Therapy clinic?

Work from home

Some Physical Therapists will chose to work from home to save on initial setup costs - this has its pros and cons...

Business types

Before you start your own Physical Therapy practice, think carefully about which business structure is best for you.

Knowing your competition

Find out about who will be your main competition - make sure you understand your market place and you will succeed.

How much do I charge?

Price is paramount. Finding the right balance can be the difference between success and failure. What things should you consider...

Answering calls

Being available 24/7 to answer the phone can be difficult for someone one their own - find out the options you have...

Branding your practice

What makes you stand out from your competition? A successful brand should promote your business strengths and beliefs.

Expanding your practice

Physio123 are experts at making big practices even bigger! Are you looking to increase the amount of new patients visiting your practice?

Want your physio website at the top of google?

Once you have a website you will want it to be at the top of searches for when patients in your area use the internet to look for physiotherapists. Once your website is #1 in Google, the rewards will be massive. Let Physio123 help you get there!

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