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We believe that website hosting extends beyond simply keeping a website online and we provide a level of service that is unmatched by any other Physical Therapy website development company.

Hosting Having a reliable host is a must for any website owner and it is also a little known fact that websites will either rank poorly, or in some circumstances, not appear on a filtered regional search in some major search engines if their website is not hosted in that respective location. Therefore for US targeted Physical Therapy websites it is imperative that they use the right website host. Physio123 uses a premium US based hosting service that makes sure search engines know you are based in the US. This allows search engines to rank your site at the highest rank possible.

Cover guaranteed

Physio123 are extremely generous with the hosting allowance, so much so we guarantee that the space provided will more than cover your websites requirements

Your website is the center for your practice’s worldwide presence and it is essential that your website needs to be online all the time. Physio123 ensures your website is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week using our state of the art computers and telecommunications equipment. We use state of the firewall equipment, switches, multiplexers, routers, multi processor Internet servers, and multiple T 3 fibre optic connectivity. Our facilities include power management in the event of a power failure and each site is mirrored on 4 individual, separate servers. All this is guaranteed to keep your email services and website up and running securely at all times.

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