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Support & Maintenance

Our team is made up of experienced marketing experts and website designers. Physio123 ensure you will have the peace of mind that your website is being managed by a team of experts. Our wealth of experience and knowledge will make your practice even more successful than it already is.

Support and maintenance

Dependable support

Physio123 provides ongoing support for all of our clients. Our support is more than merely a step in the development process. It is the foundation upon which all of our services are built. We provide friendly and dependable support from our very first contact with you and throughout the life of your project. Physio123 understand the value this peace of mind brings to your practice and we continuously work towards finding new and better ways of providing it to you.


Once your website is up and running, we make sure it stays in top shape. For that, we keep monitoring it at all times. We monitor your website for both marketing and technical performance. In addition to ensuring that everything is always running smoothly, we will periodically review the results you are enjoying and compare them to your goals.

We operate our own hosting servers which are optimized for maximum reliability of both your email and website accounts. Our full service approach keeps you out of the classic blame game between the hosting company and the web designer, and ensures your website is always ready to serve your patients.

Proactive maintenance

Wishing and hoping that nothing will go wrong is hardly efficient as a recovery plan or as a disaster prevention plan. That is why at Physio123 we take a proactive approach, and we have automated all the processes to eliminate all possibility of human error. Physio123 does full backups all websites stored on our computers once a day and there is also another daily backup made online and a third on our secure hosting servers. This means that every website is backed up daily in three different locations. This allows us to quickly restore your website should any unforeseen problems occur. We ensure you that we can fix any potential problem, usually even before anybody else notices it.

We are always available to answer your questions, should you have any comments or enquiries feel free to contact us.

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