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Search Engine Optimisation

High Search Engine Results

Physio123 use search engine marketing to achieve a higher visibility in the search engine listings for your Physical Therapy practice. High search engine rankings will provide your practice with more business.

Prospective patients are on the internet looking for Physical Therapists in your location and we will help them find you.

Over 85% of all new patients attending Physical Therapy clinics have found the clinic by using a search engine. Physio123 will get your Physical Therapy to the top of all major search engines.

Search engine optimization helps to increase visitor traffic (number of people visiting your website) to your website and increase traffic quality (people looking for Physical Therapists in your area). Search engine optimization benefits your practice through an:
  • Increasing visitor traffic to your website
  • Increase of the quality of traffic.
  • Increasing the exposure of your practice
  • Enhancing your practice's recognition
  • Increase in new referrals for patients.
Physio123 know how important search engine optimization is for Physical Therapists, therefore, we include our search engine optimization service with all of our packages. The amount of search engine optimization you receive depends on the website package you select. If you already have a website and would like Physio123 to improve its ranking to at or near the top of search engines, please see our SEO packages.

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